Kirin City is my new favourite place! I just drank two premium Kirin’s and I’m pissed haha it’s only 5:20!! (at Kirin City)

I finally won my first prize from a UFO Catcher! Only took me 20 mins & ¥3000!! >_< #supersonico #ufocatcher #prize (at Manboo!)

What kept me going on the plane #Yojimbo

Saw this today and lost my shit. - Going to upload a few photos I took with my iPhone today. 90% of the shots I took are on my DLSR so will upload at a later time. #jjba #jojo

I’ve wanted one of these since MGS3!! #metalgear #metalgearsolid #snakeeater #mgs #konami #japan #caloriemate (at Shinjuku Kuyakushomae Capsule Hotel)


Guess what I just played tonight. 

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What I will be riding in for the next 17 hours. #travel #worldtraveler #plane (at Heathrow Terminal 3)

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The gate for my flight to Narita doesn’t open until 11:30. So I’m going to drink coffee & read FO. (at Heathrow Terminal 3)